The outputs of the project are:

  1. Establishment of a telemetric network with compatible and inter-calibrated sensors able to transmit reliable and harmonized field data following standardised methodology with common specifications and supply of new technology information tools and machinery.
  2. Development of an information system receiving support management decisions (DSS) and transmit information for the application of reduced input farming.
  3. Delivery of common implementation protocols for effective farm planning and management actions.
  4. Education and training for both greek and bulgarian farmers on the exploitation of modern technology tools.
  5. Implementation of EU Directives through better management of inputs.
  6. Evaluation of the effectiveness of application related to crop quality and the economical and environmental benefits.
  7. Assessment of product quality (for Greece only).

The expected results of the project are:

  1. Maximization of production by identifying the areas of reduced productivity and managing them in a different way compared to the whole field.
  2. Through reduced input operations farmers are confronted with European Directives that require them to comply with legislative rules concerning farm management and environmental issues.
  3. Economical improvement of crop production through the reduced usage of fertilizers applied and water.
  4. Provides opportunities for better resource management and so could reduce wastage.
  5. Minimises the risk to the environment particularly with respect to nitrate leaching and groundwater contamination via the optimization of agrochemical products.
  6. Increase in product quality and yield stability.